Special Schools


Special school ministry is one of the prominent ministries that the members of the Association undertake. Special Schools are run by the members to provide special education and training to children with various disabilities. The type of special school depends on the type of children with disabilities they are caring for. Mainly, the types of special schools are classified as follows:

1.      Special school for the mentally challenged

2.      Special school for the visually impaired

3.      Special School for the hearing impaired

4.      Special school for the children with autism

5.      Special school for the multiple disabled children

6.      Special school for the cerebral palsy children.


Each school imparts training suitable to the type of children they serve. Because the problems associated with each disability and the needs of each child is totally different. They are called special schools because they are different from the regular school education. They use special teaching methodology, special teaching learning materials, curriculum, and are taught by specially trained teachers.

There are also inclusive schools where the special children are being educated with the ordinary children. This is more accepted and promoted because this system helps more in socialization and normalization of the special child. But the context in India with limited facilities in the school and other limitations, this system often does not help the educational growth of the children.

These special schools may be either day school or residential or combined.