Rehabilitation Services


Rehabilitation services to the persons with disabilities has become very important and necessary for persons with disabilities after their school education. The present competitive world challenges the persons with disabilities to enhance their skills, earn a livelihood and stand on their own. Hence skill development and employment training are the main activities in this section. Various types of employment opportunities are created, like, self employment, open employment, group employment etc. Since the Government sector is giving reservation to qualified persons with disabilities, many deserving employable youth with disabilities are being employed in the Government and private sector.

Several organizations have started small scale job facilities, mainly for the mentally challenged, in their own campus so that they can come to the centre, do some work and spend the time away from their homes, like the sheltered workshops.

There are also agro based rehabilitation centres where the children are trained in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

Some of the severely disabled adults require total care and protection. There are institutions that cater to lifelong care and protection of such persons.

Community based rehabilitation (CBR) is also another alternative to care and mainstream the persons with disabilities. This cater for the needs of children and adults with all all types disabilities with the support and cooperation of the community and its resources.