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ACRCI- is the Association of Catholic Rehabilitation Centres of India. It is the national association of all catholic organizations/ institutions working for the cause of persons with disabilities, run by various dioceses and congregations and represented by priests, religious Brothers and sisters across the country.

The main objective of ACRCI is to develop effective networking among the Catholic Rehabilitation centres at the national level so that with a coordinated approach to the problems faced by the persons with disabilities, a better service could be provided, and share the information with member units about latest techniques in the field of rehabilitation and government policies both at the state and central level.


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Special Schools

Special school ministry is one of the prominent ministries that the members of the Association un

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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services to the persons with disabilities has become very important and necessary

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Allied Services

Together with education and rehabilitation, several allied services are provided to the children

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Training Institutes

Training institutes train the teachers and employees who can work with children with various disa

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The wounded humanity of the disabled challenges us to recognize, accept and promote in each one of these brothers and sisters of ours the incomparable value of the human being created by God to be a son in the Son.Saint Pope John Paul II
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